Hospital Management System Visual Basic

The project “Hospital Management System” is aimed to develop to maintain the day-to-day state of admission/discharge of Patients, List of Doctors (Consultants), List of medicines, Bills etc.

There are following main objectives of the Hospital:

Keeping records of admission of patient.
Keeping patient-care as utmost priority.
Scheduling the appointment of Patient with Doctor (Consultant) to make it convenient for both.
Scheduling the services of specialized Doctor (Consultant) and emergency properly so that facilities provided by Hospital are fully utilized in effective and efficient manner.
Keeping records of Medicine department in a meticulously arranged order so that the treatment of Patient becomes quick and satisfactory.
Keeping details about the consultants, their Prescriptions and treatments, surgery reports etc.
Keeping the best laboratory facilities and diagnostic tools for early and clear Diagnosis of the disease and early cure and disposal of the patient.
Keeping explicit details about the patient’s diseases, diagnosis and management for comprehensive research.
Keeping the records of salary structure of the employees of Hospital by billing approach.

Project Report
Project Download [5.5 MB]

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