The pitch determination is very important for many speech processing algorithms. In this project, pitch detection methods via auto-correlation method, cepstrum method, harmonic product specturm (HPS), and linear predictive coding (LPC) are examined. Download Report Download MATLAB Codes and Data


Online Exam Suit Description : The project “Exam Suite” is developed in Java, which mainly focuses on basic Exam operations. “Exam Suite” is a windows application written for 32bit Windows operating systems, designed to help users to write exams. The software Exam Suite has 3 main modules.  Login Module,  Insertion to Database Module, Extracting from […]


This is a good Electronics project report on GPS for Environmental Management for engineering students. Global positioning system, usually called GPS are used to communicate with satellites and with receivers in the different parts of the world. This seminar aims to throw light into the technical details, advantages, pitfalls and major application areas of the […]

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This is a seminar report on Solar Energy – The Renewable Energy for the Future by Electrical and Electronics students for there paper presentation work. This paper describes about the solar energy, one of the non-conventional sources and different ways of using it to convert to electric energy. One of the best alternatives is choosing […]


Electrical Engineering is the discipline of engineering that deals with the basic forms of energy/power that runs the entire world. An electrical engineer works on different energies that include wind energy, geothermal energy, solar energy, fuel cell, turbine, hydro, gas, etc. He distributes these energies from their sources to factories, residencies, hospitals, schools and offices. […]