Abstract: Face detection and tracking has been an important and active research field because it offers many applications, especially in video surveillance, biometrics, or video coding. The goal of this project was to implement a real-time system on an FPGA board to detect and track a human’s face. The face detection algorithm involved color-based skin […]


This is a good Electronics project report on GPS for Environmental Management for engineering students. Global positioning system, usually called GPS are used to communicate with satellites and with receivers in the different parts of the world. This seminar aims to throw light into the technical details, advantages, pitfalls and major application areas of the […]

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The creation of a cricket batsman robot is part of a larger research project within collaborative robotic behaviour. The ultimate goals are complete robot cricket teams working and playing together in a simplified form of cricket. The demands of such robotic units are not only the limitation in resource availability but also the need of being simple, robust and easy to duplicate. It is a journey into the world of microcontrollers, where mechanics, electronics and software come together forming a miniature robotic cricket player.

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