Description : Kiosk Management System can be used in Reservation Centers. Here we take KSRTC Railway, Airline and Hotel reservation as our application. The application will be done using C#.Net. Technology : Web, C#.NET View Abstract : Detailed Abstract (Project Report) DOWNLOAD Description : Kiosk Management System can be used in Reservation Centers. Here we […]


Description : This is a small project for managing personal contact details. you can add, edit, and delete contacts and addresses. a data grid displays all available contacts. you can select any contact in the grid and press the ‘edit’ button to edit the details. when the ‘edit’ button is pressed, all fields will become […]

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Description: This program simulates the taking of orders at a pizza takeout restaurant. It can be used as a template for any retail type business. The order form finds customers by phone number. You enter a phone number and click ‘Find Customer’. If the customer is in the database, their information appears and ordering begins. […]

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Description: This program accepts information on students for a hypothetical school (including a photo) allowing previewing and printing of student identification cards. It can be modified for any purpose requiring similar identification. Data is stored in a database named STUDENT.MDB (the example contains a few names) which must be in the project folder. The sample […]

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A company wanted to revive its brand image, so it hired an ad agency for it. The ad agency came up with brilliant ideas for marketing. They created ads of all types like audio, video, print media etc.The task of managing these ads was huge and they wanted a software developed to manage the process better.