HP Placement procedure


In the HP India placement interview process, there will be 3 main rounds of interview. They are two technical interviews and one HR interview.

1.In the first technical interview, the candidates will be asked detail questions on their projects, Operating systems and computer programming etc.

2.The second technical interview will be held by higher officials. The candidates who passed the first round will only go through the second round of interview. They candidates will be asked general question on software engineering, microprocessors and other questions relating to the field of study. This interview will be mainly carried out to test the psychology and aptitude of the candidates.

3.The third interview will be an HR round. The candidates will be asked about their future plans, salary expectation, when they can join the firm etc. The candidates must make sure that they answer honestly and correctly to the questions asked.

Practice HP Aptitude Tests out here:

HP Aptitude Test

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