Event Name: Techtrix’15

Event Type : Technical Fest

Organizer : RCC Institute of Information Technology

Location : Beliaghata, Kolkata

Intended For: All Students

Event Date :13th , 14th , 15th February, 2015

Details of Techtrix’15

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to not stop questioning.”
-Albert Einstein

Even Someone not remotely connected to any of the fields of technology, would dare not disagree with the above quotation. And for us engineers technology is well what keeps us going. It satiates out thirst for knowledge, helps in developing and shaping our mind. So, we the students of RCC Institute of Information Technology celebrate this important aspect of society in our own little way. Every year we organize Techtrix, our annual technical fest which is a 2 day extravaganza where young budding minds from the length and breadth of this state and beyond display their technical brilliance. Events like Robotics, Computer Gaming, Debate,quiz etc give this students ample opportunities to test their mettle and lock horns with the best in the business. This year too we will be carrying on with the tradition. We are sure at the end of this fiesta, one thought will pass through everyone’s mind-

RCC Institute of Information Technology
Canal South Road, Beliaghata, Kolkata – 700015

For more details of Techtrix’15

Official Website – http://techtrix.rccfests.in/

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