Writing Posts

Seeing all the different menus in the add new post section can be quite scary. Not if you take a moment to read this. Once you’ve learned how to work with them, creating posts will be easy easy.

1. Title – Choose a title for your post

2. Permalink – By default, the link to your post will be automatically generated from your post title. However, if you wish to change it, just click on the Edit button in front of the permalink, make the alterations and hit Save (in this case, the URL ended in my-first-post and it was changed to first-post).

3. Text Editor – write your post and make the most of it, by inserting all kinds of media and giving it a cool formatting.

3.1.  Using Media in Posts – You can add all kinds of media (photos, videos, music, pdf documents…) to your blog’s entries. They’re a great way to make your posts dynamic and attractive.

On the Add new post window:

Select the type of media you want to upload into your post, by clicking on the correspondent icon in front of the Add Media option. You can choose between Images, Video, Audio or Media.

Choose the location of your media. You can choose to insert it directly from your computer, from an URL, from your Blog’s Media Library. And remember that you will always be able to change the file’s title, caption, description, size or alignment.

4. SEO Details and Additional Style, Post Image and Thumbnail, JavaScript, Multimedia Box Option

Not needed at all from your side. So, it will be better to remove these options.

Steps to Remove these Boxes -

Click Screen Options on the upper right side of the page to expand it. Remove tick from the unnecessary boxes.

5. Excerpt menu – optionally, write an excerpt of your post (a hand-crafted summary of your post content).

6.Tags menu – insert main keywords or terms related to the content of your post. You can choose between tags used in previous posts, by clicking Choose from the most popular tags. To erase a tag, hit the x button, next to each added tag.

7. Categories menu – choose the category or sub-category where to include the post you’re writing. Alternatively, you can add a new category, in the correspondent option.

8. Publish Post – After reviewing your Post, you can add an Note and Submit for Review.