PRABUDDHA 14 Techno India College of Technology Presents Prabuddha 14,the annual Tech-Fest. 21 events including events for pros. Date: 7th & 8th April,2014 Venue: Techno India College of Technology,New Town, Rajarhat, Kolkata-156. Visit us at: www.prbd.in Register at: http://www.prbd.in/register

All the classes in this week are suspended due to the internals. Classes will resume after Holi.

Due to lack of library books of TOM, there will be no xam for ME-402(TOM) on the scheduled day, i.e. Friday. All the other xams are according to the schedule.  

  Online Filling of review form is from 11/03/14 on www.wbutech.net   Last date for submission of Online Review Forms is 18th March 2014.   *’PR’*

      12th March (Room No.- G1 & G2) ME 401 => Fluid Mech. (1:30pm-2:20pm) M402 => Maths (2:30pm-3:20pm)   13th March  (Room No.- G1 & G2) ME 403 => Manufacturing Process (1:30pm-2:20pm) M(CS) 401 => Numerical Methods  (2:30pm-3:20pm)   14th March (Room No.- G1 & G2) ME 402 => Theory of Machines  (1:30pm-2:20pm)   *’PR’*   [...]