RCC Institute of Information Technology

Lab Routine for CSE  3rd year Group 1—> 14.05.2013 – 10am-1pm – DBMS 16.05.2013 – 10am-1pm – Networking 17.05.2013 – 10am-1pm – OS Group 2—> 15.05.2013 – 10am-1pm – DBMS 16.05.2013 – 2pm-5pm – Networking 17.05.2013 – 2pm-5pm – OS Group 3—> 14.05.2013 – 2pm-5pm – DBMS 15.05.2013 – 2pm-5pm – OS 17.05.2013 – 10am-1pm [...]

All students of CSE 3rd year are hereby informed that Mr. Harinandan Tunga (HOD, CSE) will take a class on Monday, 6th May from 12 pm (both section A and B). Attendance is compulsory.

DBMS Theory Assignment for CSE 3rd year: ( last date of submission:6.05.13) 1.a) draw the data model architechture of your institute library information system. b) try to generate the schematic view of the above system. 2. Draw the ER diagram of a university system. 3. Consider the following two transactions: T1 : read (A); read [...]

Graphics Suggestion for tomorrow’s internal exam is being given by MI sir for CSE 3rd year students. It is as listed below: 1)perspective projection 2)bezier curve 3)cubic B-Spline 4)2-D problems 5)hidden surface (Z buffer,Painter,bsp tree)  

All students of RCC Institute of Information Technology are hereby informed that the distribution of Grade Cards for Odd Semester Examinations is going on. Please produce your appropriate admit cards and collect it from the Exam-Cell. Thank You.