Netaji Subhash Engineering College

What forum would you love the best? Share your opinion!! Phoenix is here to provide you with a range of options to strengthen your skills. ROBOTICS ARDUINO PHOTOGRAPHY PHOTOSHOP JAVA WEB DESIGN SSPD   COME ONE AND ALL JOIN SOOON!   BY PHOENIX THE OFFICIAL TECH CLUB OF NSEC

Its time for the second workshop by XPLORICA, the Basic Photography and Editing Workshop. Nowadays we are all photography fanatics, thanks to the social media! But do we know the intricate details of photography well enough? Although we are familiar with many terms related to photography, like exposure, shutter speed, aperture, but do we know [...]   Above given is the link for the official literary club of Phoenix at NSEC.   For new members and old: A lot of this Club’s activities shall be online. We will be reading other people’s works and writing our own. We shall also have meetings in person where we may read some of [...]

The most awaited kolkata’s biggest quizing event…. After a wait of complete one year, An event which has undergraduate participants from all the corners of Kolkata, A big platform like Ahindra Manch for showcasing yourself, Where The great quiz master Mr. Barry O’Brien himself will be hosting the show, Questions that wil boost up your [...]

Even semester session of the college will start from 13th July, as stated by the authorities.