IERCEM Institute of Information Technology

18/11/2013–Physics(11.00-12.00a.m),Environmental Chemistry(2.00-3.00p.m) 19/11/2013–Analog and Digital Electronics(11.00-12.00a.m),Data structure and Algorithms(2.00-3.00p.m) 20/11/2013–Computer organization(11.00-12.00a.m),Values and Ethics(2.00-3.00p.m)

Finally the EVEN SEMESTER has postponed..!! And the future engineers are ready with their soccer shoes on to excel their football skills from 23rd March to 28th March ’11. So, on behalf of the students, I invite all the family members of IERCEM to be present at the football ground to cheer for their respective [...]

the regular classes of 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year students will commence from tomorrow(9th march ’11). so, all the IIITians  are here by informed to join the college and get back the normal academic atmosphere because the problems with the management are going to be resolved very soon(hopefully)..

IERCEM Institute of Information Technolgy, Banipur is sold out by the renowned INDISMART group to the TECHNO INDIA Group.. Now all the IIITians belong from the TECHNO family.. On behalf of each and every IIITian I can assure that all of us will surely rock as TECHNOites as well..!!