Adamas Institute of Technology

A science fair had been organized by ADAMAS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY from 27th to 31st jan 2015. Huge number of students from various schools have participated..

Around 14 colleges and various schools even from different states are participating in the SCiENTA EXHIBITION among which our AIT is the one….the only first year students participating is from ADAMAS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY we are very proud of that.. and wish my fellow frnz and other participants from various colleges also : ALL THE [...]

Classes will be restarting from 15th jan,2015 in AIT and students are to clear their fees for their next sem within 10th Jan,2015.

               All exams are on the 2nd half i.e, from 2 pm to 5 pm 5th dec (friday) – HU101     8th dec (monday) – CH101           10th dec (wednesday) – M101  12th dec (friday) – ME101     15th dec (monday) – ES101

ADAMAS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY has reportedly contacted 200 companies and requested them to come over to our campus . Now all that’s left is to see whether or not the given statement is true or not .. and if true then which companies are coming over ….