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It is noticed that some of the students still  have not registered for TCS Code Vita 2015. Hereby, all the students are asked to complete the registration by tomorrow.
All the students who are yet to complete the registration are asked to come with your CT Reference ID and password to LAB 2within 9:45am-5:15pm ,either during the lunch hours or before or after classes.(No students will be allowed to do the registration during the class hours).
Ms Poulomi Roy and Ms Soma Banerjee will be there to assist you.
It is mandatory to register for TCS Code Vita 2015 for your future placement opportunities.
Reg. CodeVita – 2015 Registration and Participation
By now you are already aware about ”CodeVita 2015 - The biggest coding contest across the nation and aboard”.The main objective for “CodeVita – 2015″ is to sharpen the contestants’ programming skills through some real-life computing practices. The contest will not only help TCS Spot the bright students but also provides students an opportunity to showcase their programming talent and earn peer recognition and honour.

We require your constant endeavor and tremendous support for making CodeVita – 2015 a huge success



and for that

all students


to register for the contest and actively participate in it. 

Please note that the top coders from the contest will be provided test waiver from TCS Selection test irrespective of TCS Eligibilty Criteria.



 require a minimum of 80 percentage of of the total batch strength of the institute to be registered on CodeVita.  

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